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How Do Bands Utilize NFT’s?

Bear Mtn Animation on OpenSea

The speculative investment aspect of NFT's grabs all the headlines but the functionality and what it can do for bands, artists and other creators is the part that's actually worth getting excited about. I created this animation for the band Bear Mtn. It's available as a NFT at https://opensea.io/bear_mtn When you purchase the NFT it unlocks hi-res audio from their EP. This execution is rudimentary and not exactly an efficient way to sell some hi-res mp3's, but I think the tech will continue to evolve and become the standard for how artists sell digital work.

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Apex Legends: Saviors Launch Trailer

I had the pleasure of working with the talented people at PSYOP on the latest Apex Trailer. I did compositing work on the end battle section.

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Chik-fil-A 2021 Christmas Film


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Chik-Fil-A Holiday Film

I just wrapped up compositing work on this year's Chik-fil-a holiday film. I've had the chance to work on this great project the last two years with my friends at PSYOP. It's rare that you get to make a commercial that's a 2 minute short film with no overt branding. This is always a fun one to work on.

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The Strokes – Ode To The Mets

I had the great opportunity to work on several segments of the new Strokes video directed by Warren Fu. This project is part of what kept me sane through 2 months of being holed up in the east village during the worst part of the pandemic in NYC. Thanks to Warren, Joel and Partizan for getting me involved.

I created the school and underwater sections. I also helped out on the beginning ancient era section.

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Meanwhile at a mall in Edmonton

Last year I had the pleasure of working with ESI Design on a massive installation for a mall in Edmonton. I created looping videos of a stylized underwater scene that plays on a ton of screens with various aspect ratios in the lobby area. As we were working we visualized the content in a mockup of the space using VR. After seeing the actual pictures of the installation I'm even more impressed by the scale of it.
See the behind the scenes at the link below


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Coffee’s for Closers

One of the references I used for my character Jones was Jack Lemon's character Shelley. I decided to replace Shelley with Jones in this iconic scene form Glengarry Glen Ross to help convey his personality.

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BakerPipeline Interacting with Google Sheets

This is a demo of how my pipeline interacts with Google sheets to get basic shot info and notes without leaving Maya. This scene is being built with shaded assets and alembic animation caches. The lead can put all the info in a Google sheet and the artist can automatically set the frame range, get basic shot info and notes from the Google sheet without having to leave Maya.

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BakerPipeline Google Drive Asset Manager

A demonstration of the tool I built for my maya pipeline that uploads 3D assets and textures from Maya to google drive with searchable descriptions and thumbnails. This makes it easy for artists to archive assets to the cloud without ever leaving maya and also takes advantage of search capabilities in google drive.